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Ogliastra and southeast Sardinia

Unspoilt nature and landscapes full of mysteries and silence

Ogliastra is one of the areas of Sardinia where you can feel the magic of this land, the power of nature and its deep silences. An area with a very low population density where it will seem to feel alone in the world, far from any stress of everyday life and city life.

Its landscape is truly unique, with a wonderful coastline, clear waters, and the typical rocks of this area, while, behind it, the hilly areas that rise abruptly, with small villages climbed on the slopes and the famous chain of "Tacchi" (Heels) of Ogliastra, mountains that rise straight into the town of Ulassai and take their name from their shape, and are a destination for hikes especially for lovers of climbing.

The town of Ulassai was also the birthplace of one of the most important artists on the island and not only: Maria Lai, to whom the Art Station is dedicated: the ancient art station became a museum area. In addition, scattered in the town, there are many works of the artist that make Ulassai an open-air museum.

In the nearby Jerzu, wine production is famous because in this territory are strong traditions related to drinking and eating.


There are so many experiences to live related to the sea, because this coast, which you can travel to the south or north towards the Gulf of Orosei, can give unique views and little beaten. By dinghy or sailboat, are the best solutions.

Another way to experience the coast, are definitely the kayak tours!

For everything about hiking, this is a great area for hiking and water-treks as there are fascinating waterways. Ogliastra is also a destination for climbing excursions. In addition, for those who prefer relaxation, there are city tours to discover the small villages rich in history and charm, such as the abandoned village of Gairo Vecchio (Old Gairo).

Finally, you can not miss the archaeological tours and walks through the vineyards with delicious tastings!

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