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Food & Wine

Food and wine tours, cooking workshops and tastings

Unforgettable sensorial experiences discovering the typical tastes and flavors of the cuisine of Sardinia. Not simple tastings, but real experiences, immersed in extraordinary places, tasting local delicacies accompanied by glasses of Sardinian wine.

You will discover the secrets and traditions of Sardinia by taking part in the preparation of typical dishes and local wines, thus discovering the recipes and the supply chain behind Sardinian products.

You will be spoiled for choice among all our traditional cooking workshops. You will have the unique opportunity to get your hands in the dough with the guidance of experienced men and women who will teach you how to make renowned dishes such as culurgiones, maharrones a poddihe, or typical desserts such as our beloved papassini or the renowned seadas. You will learn while having fun, and at the end there will be room for a well-deserved tasting.

As far as wines are concerned, the proposal is varied and spans many areas of Sardinia: the Delogu estates, in the northwest of Sardinia, discovering the different stages of winemaking and with a visit to the Barricaia to grasp the characteristics of the barriques. In Berchida, on the opposite side still north of the island, you will enter a real Wine Museum. Or in Serdiana you can delve into the deep south, where you'll spend a day among vineyards and tasting glasses of wine.

You can visit the Cagliari Market, oil mills, farms or enjoy a typical breakfast in Galtellì. In short, the food and wine experiences are really many and you will only have to choose where to start to explore the tastes of Sardinia.