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Trekking and walking to discover Sardinia

Outdoor excursions in harmony and respect for the extraordinary nature of Sardinia or among the streets of the most famous cities and the oldest villages. You will find classic trekking experiences, urban trekking and thematic trekking. You can explore the whole island with your backpack, accompanied by expert guides who will be able to tell you many anecdotes about the history of the places.

Through urban trekking, you will go through the typical streets of the villages of Sardinia, to discover the traditions, architecture, murals and history of each place.

The trekking offer is very varied: from iconic places like Gorroppu and Tiscali, to lesser known ones like the Forest of the Sette Fratelli and Montalbo. There is no shortage of experiences in the heart of Sardinia: in Gennargentu and on Supramonte. Up to more particular trekking like that of Scano Montiferro on the Bandits' Path, between nature and narrations. Finally, many routes available on Asinara Island, to be able to fully experience it.

Thanks to urban trekking you will know better the cities of Cagliari, Sassari and Alghero, and the towns of Mamoiada, Bitti, Orgosolo, Porto Torres and many others.

Walk with the sky above your head to slowly and slowly discover every detail of the nature and history of the island. Days of fun, long walks but also of pure relax to live with people who share the same pleasure of exploring the beauty of a territory on foot.