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Discover Sardinian Barcelona

Overlooking an inlet designed by nature to make you fall in love at first glance, Alghero is the north-western gateway to Sardinia.

Walls, bell towers, ramparts, churches, ancient buildings, yellow bricks, mullioned windows and the cobbled streets of the center, Alghero tells and preserves in its structure all the fascinating history that has gone through it. An ancient village with a warm Catalan soul, as evidenced by the characteristic bilingual name of the streets. A city, the fifth most populous of Sardinia, with an infinity of landscapes and colors that make it magnetic and attractive. A seaside city bathed in emerald water. Its coast, known as the Coral Riviera for the presence of the most prized coral, the Corallium Rubrum, the red one, is about 90 kilometers long.

A distance dressed in beaches, Le Bombarde, Maria Pia, Lazzaretto and Pineta Mugoni among the best known; faraglioni and nature. Much of the coast is protected to preserve its extraordinary beauty in the marine area of ​​Capo Caccia - Isola Piana. A rich and multifaceted territory that becomes the stage for a thousand adventures of those who actively experience nature, from via ferrata, trekking and cycle tourism routes, to water sports.

But it is also a modern living room made of bars, typical restaurants and artisan shops that animate the alleys in which to stroll to discover the deep soul of a city, between Sardinia and Catalonia. A soul as crisp as the breeze that rises in the evening.

Alghero Experiences

The Riviera del Corallo offers a great variety of experiences to satisfy all tastes: those who love the sea can enjoy a day in the beautiful waters of Alghero on board a catamaran, or dive into the Capo Caccia Marine Protected Area by snorkeling.

For nature lovers, horseback riding or E-bike excursions are recommended, while for those who want to discover the typical wines and flavors of Sardinia, it is possible to take a guided tour of a cellar.

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