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What is Escursì on tour?

Escursì in Tour is a journey, an adventure, a story, a way of living and describing the experiences that can be made in contact with nature and the history of our Island: Sardinia.

The means to tell are the videos and, in fact, it would be enough to get comfortable in front of the screen, and be carried away by the images, the shots, the views, the fun and the nature dream to understand what is Escursì in Tour.

Escursì in Tour is also much more. It is an initiative born in September 2016: an idea started by the Team of and realized thanks to the collaboration with two video-makers, Angelo Mura and Emanuele Mura, together with some partners of the portal. The idea was simple and complex at the same time: to travel far and wide Sardinia to live firsthand and to film as many experiences as possible among those that can be booked on the site adrenaline excursions, boat trips, archaeological and food and wine tours.

The main mission is to promote through the images of the videos the heterogeneous proposal of excursions that Sardinia offers, a vast and unmissable offer that goes far beyond those related to the sea and the coast famous throughout the world.

First edition

The first year, it started with a full week tour. The route included long tours of Sardinia from south to north, ranging between the two coasts: from Chia to La Maddalena, passing through Alghero, Asinara and the hinterland of the island, making every day a different hiking experience led by professionals in the sector, the guides of, and filming every single day!

Second edition

The second year, we wanted to double: from a week we passed to two, this time in the company of Emanuele Mura, very good and experienced video maker with Tuscan origins but in love with the Sardinian region.

The stages have been: the whole coast of Alghero and its interior, aboard quads and bicycles; the river Coghinas in Valledoria paddling on kayaks; the Gulf of Stintino sailing on a yacht; the path of the Granite, suggestive trekking all'Asinara; snorkeling in Balai, Porto Torres beach; exploring in Alà dei Sardi and then in the Marghine-Planargia; tour of the coves of the Gulf of Orosei by dinghy and finally the Climb of the Island of Tavolara.

Third edition

The third year, we wanted to make a further leap of quality: involving two amateur actors, Angelica and Paul, to create a short film! On board a camper, the two guys passionate about hiking, nature and outdoor adventures, accompanied by Emanuele as usual, have spent more than ten days between the trails, the coast and the best experiences of the extraordinary Sardinia. In the video, Paolo arrives by ship to Porto Torres and meets his friend Angelica. The holiday begins, and with you can immediately dive into the wonders of the island: they enter the paths that lead to the Canyon of Gorropu, in the heart of the region; explore by boat and swimming in the crystal clear waters of La Maddalena Archipel, fixed stage of the Escursì tour; and then riding a horse, in northern Sardinia near Alghero, between Lake Baratz and Porto Ferro beach; on board a quad bike among the wild trails of the territory of Baunei; and still canoeing in Cedrino lake. Every night sleeping under the starry skies of Sardinia!

Fourth edition

The last year, due to the problems related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Escursì on tour had to stop. We recovered all the material of the past years and thus created a "best of" that retraced the most beautiful and exciting stages.

We look forward to the arrival of next year, to restart with this project and with many new ideas to be realized, measuring as always the usual basic ingredients of the Escursì in Tour: fun, strong emotions, active tourism, fabulous images and endless jigs of videos and images with the natural wonders of Sardinia!

Emanuele Mura Filmaker