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Primordial natural landscapes, clear sea, rare animals and an ancient history, Asinara National Park is a place with a timeless charm; 110 km of coasts, inlets, soft sand and heavenly coves. An island where the beauty of nature dominates.

Asinara is part of the territory of Porto Torres, in the far north of Sardinia, between the Sea of ​​Corsica and the Sea of ​​Sardinia, a concentrate of natural, landscape and historical treasures to be discovered.

Already in prehistory, man landed on the island as evidenced by the Domus de Janas of Campu Perdu, but also the Romans, whose ships were found in the depths of the surrounding sea, arrived there. Castellaccio and the ruins of the Camaldolese monastery of Sant'Andrea remain from the medieval period. In 1885 it became a hospital and a penal agricultural colony which during the First World War hosted the Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war. From the 70s to the early 90s, it became the prison island for everyone, where prisoners were also imprisoned at 41bis. An intense story that has preserved its incredible beauty.

In 1997 the Asinara National Park was established and in 2002 the Marine Protected Area, a park with a very rich flora and fauna, 678 species, of which 616 spontaneous, the first ones, and 80 species of animals that reproduce there. Not only the albino donkey, with a white coat and blue eyes, which has become the symbol of the island, but also the mouflon, the partridge and the Sardinian wild boar.

Excursions and experiences of the Asinara National Park

There are many ways in which it is possible to explore this paradise: an 8-seater off-road vehicle tour, for example, is the ideal solution to visit a large portion of the island, and to discover the most beautiful views thanks to the experience of the National Park's Exclusive Guides.

Another way to explore the island is through thematic Trekking routes of different lengths: the Granite Trail is a tour of about five hours starting from Fornelli. During this route the protagonist is the granite. Between the Mediterranean scrub and the sea, 3 quarries and work tools used during the extraction will be crossed and which today have become testimonies of industrial archaeology.

During the summer an excursion by catamaran, sailboat or dinghy, which allows you to experience the island in a special way, giving unforgettable moments. Thanks to the many bathing stops during which you can also snorkel, you will enjoy the crystal clear sea and once ashore you can admire the island in all its wild beauty.

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