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Bosa is one of the most fascinating and rich in history village of the island. Nestled in a wild and wonderful nature in the west of Sardinia, it is crossed by the only navigable river of Sardinia: the river Temo.

A wonderful mix of scenic views and grid of small cobbled streets with typical colorful houses that give an unmistakable glance. Not to mention that Bosa overlooks the sea, with a beautiful city beach and its historic tower.

The west coast of Sardinia, in its central area, is characterized by long beaches alternating with coves and small wild beaches and reachable by short treks. Heading north, towards Alghero, you can walk along one of the most beautiful coast of Europe, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even the coastal road in the south has a unique charm, between towers of Spanish origin and a panorama that changes from kilometer to kilometer.

Bosa, like the whole island, is also famous for its food and wine traditions. Above all, Bosa, is the homeland of Malvasia, a particular wine with a straw color and an intense flavor.

Excursions and experiences in Bosa

To discover all the nuances of Bosa and experience its nature, immersing yourself in the flavors and traditions of the area, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to excursions and experiences.

You can paddle the River temo in a kayak, or discover the seabed by snorkeling or diving (with excursions even for beginners). Dinghy or sailboat trips to get your fill of relaxation and explore the coastline. On land, too, there is no shortage of experiences: trekking, urban tours, e-bike rentals and an adventurous quad bike excursion.

Since one day is not enough to discover all the wonders of Bosa, you will also find multi-day experiences, from single nights to long stays, with many experiences and wonderful facilities scattered throughout the village and surrounding nature.