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from: 4500.00 €

Weekly catamaran charter between northern Sardinia and Corsica from Stintino

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The cancellation policy provides for a 70% refund for requests that arrive within 30 days before the departure date of the weekly charter. For requests beyond this time, there is no refund 


  • The itineraries include the main naturalistic wonders of the north of Sardinia
  • Boarding is generally scheduled on Sunday at 17:00 and disembarkation at 9:00 on the following Sunday

Sardinia offers endless possibilities of places to visit, each with its own peculiarities: the Costa Smeralda, the Archipelago of La Maddalena and the many islands that form it and then separated by a strip of sea Corsica. The itineraries will be different and personalized. In addition, there will be 4 weeks dedicated to Yoga and Sailing:

  • from 12 to 19 June and from 4 to 11 September
  • from 24 to 31 July and from 31 July to 7 August

Only for the weeks Yoga and Sailing will be provided boarding Cabin charter and will be offered on board cooking service prepared by the crew


  • Baggage, clothing and medicines

On the boat we recommend a comfortable and practical clothing to carry in a soft bag or bag that takes up as little space as possible. It is not possible to carry trolleys as they can not be packed in the cabin; it is always recommended to bring the essentials, because in the boat you will need a few clothes: in addition to the costume, it is good to bring sneakers (prohibited those with black soles) or even better boat shoes (we recommend two pairs, a pair to use only on board and one to go ashore), long pants and a windbreaker (or waxed sail) that will be useful for night sailing in case you want to stay in the cockpit.
On board you are usually barefoot, if you want to bring boat shoes will be used only on the boat.
Don’t forget: sun cream, slippers, hat, sunglasses, beach towel, and personal towels.
Sheets are not included on board, so remember to bring your own (double sheets or two singles), along with a pillowcase. Blankets are on board. Otherwise, as an alternative to sheets and blanket is also fine a sleeping bag or the modern and comfortable "sleeping bag".
On board there is a first aid kit, but there are no medicines that can be swallowed even for seasickness; therefore, for those who consider it useful, it is advisable to bring with you medicine of personal and usual use and, important, for those who know they suffer from the sea: Xamamina or recommended seasickness patches

  • Shipboard life

Boating requires adaptation. You should not expect to find the same comfort and comfort that you have at home.
You can safely stay below deck even during navigation. But beware of seasickness: below deck you suffer much more than being outside.
The electrical voltage on board is 12V. You can not use hair dryers and appliances that are normally used at home.
IMPORTANT: Take the car charger for your mobile phone with you.
Power is provided by the on-board batteries and since you will sleep at anchor, it is everyone’s task to help not to waste this resource. Everyone is asked to turn off the lights in the bathrooms after use and do not forget the lights on before falling asleep.
The bathrooms are of the nautical type whose operation will be explained in the briefing by the skipper; it is absolutely forbidden to throw anything in the toilet, including toilet paper, to prevent it from clogging and being damaged. In the bathrooms there will be a plastic bag that will serve the purpose.
As water on board there is a non-drinking reserve that must be used sparingly.
Washing dishes: it is the operation that involves the greatest waste of water, for this they are to be washed with sea water and then rinse in fresh water.
Showers: in case of good weather you usually wash in the sea and then you rinse with the fresh water of the outdoor shower. Indoor showers must be kept to a minimum so as not to consume the water supply.
Use of taps: the taps must be opened for the short time necessary for the use of water. To brush your teeth it is preferable to use a bottle or a glass. Be careful when leaving the toilet to check that the tap is tightly closed and does not drip. A tap that is not shut down well in one night is able to consume much of the water on board.
Washing vegetables and fruits: they are washed with sea water

  • Tips for the galley

Before the mini-cruise, you will have all the necessary advice. In general they can be summarized as follows:
Water: 2 lt day per person; fruit: not too ripe, it spoils at once; vegetables: salad in a small bag, it spoils easily; cherry tomatoes go away a lot; other vegetables to taste: zucchini, carrots, peppers, red onions, lemons; canned food: tuna and other to taste without exaggeration; sliced: packaged under vacuum, salmon for appetizers; cheeses: packaged and typical of the place, mozzarella, scamorza, etc.; pasta: 1 kg per day is the average; sauce or peeled; aromas: basil, parsley, onion, garlic, spices; other seasonings to taste: pesto, bacon, parmesan, eggs, etc.; olive oil; salt, vinegar, pepper and sugar; bread.
Drinks: soft drinks and juices to taste, beer, wine (preferably whites because red is normally forbidden on the boat, because in case of stains these remain indelible), coffee and spirits for aperitif (such as Mojito); coffee.
Breakfast: milk (fresh, the fridge works fine). yogurt, and the rest to taste.
Provisions: possibly compostable, alternatively in plastic: transparent glasses, cutlery, paper napkins, medium garbage bags (not too small), small bags for bathrooms.
Cleaning: dish soap, degreaser, bathroom sanitizer, toilet paper.
Recommended in case you find: ice

  • Roles on board

The skipper is the skipper of the boat with the tasks and responsibilities that follow. His main concern will be safety on board and the establishment of the right harmony within the crew. The skipper has no cooking or cleaning duties on board.
No sailing experience is required in this type of cruise. The commander may, however, assign crew members tasks commensurate with experience and personal abilities. If someone wants to play a more active role, you can mention it at the time of boarding. The skipper will be happy to involve him in all stages of the cruise, from route preparation, to safety procedures, to moorings and sailing.
One of the most important aspects to enjoy the cruise is the climate that will be created within the crew. Therefore all participants will be an active part in actively contributing to the harmony on board with their own behavior. Respect for the common spaces, for the neighbour, for the order, for the cleanliness and the availability to always help the others are the fundamental elements of the spirit of the sail and of the cohabitation on board.
The skipper will always be available 24 hours a day for any problems. In the event that a member of the crew wishes to make suggestions or small objections, the latter is requested to do so privately to the commander without involving the rest of the crew, just so as not to interfere with the well-being and harmony of the group. The skipper will be happy to receive feedback to try to provide better service


The catamaran Vida Loka is a 440 lagoon of almost 14 meters, has 4 double cabins with private bathroom of which 3 are available to guests on board.

  • A large table aft indoors to enjoy delicious lunches and dinners in absolute comfort
  • A kitchen inside with 3 burners and a large dinette with sofa and table in case you want to take advantage of a little privacy
  • Two refrigerators and a freezer to store food and ample space for the galley
  • Thanks to the presence of solar panels you can safely stay in the harbor to enjoy the starry sky away from the lights of the city. In ports you can have the 220v, while in navigation you will have the 12v to be able to charge their phones. If you require the use of the 220v also outside the port, the catamaran is also equipped with a generator
  • Vida Loka is equipped with all the systems provided for your safety at sea and electronic equipment for navigation
  • For shore excursions, for those who do not want to take a nice swim or a little exercise there is the SUP on board and the tender with outboard. There is also equipment for snorkeling
  • Bed linen and towels will be provided for each cabin
  • Exclusivefrom: 4500.00 €
Price list
  • from 05/06 to 03/07

    Exclusive: 4500.00 €

  • from 03/07 to 31/07

    Exclusive: 6500.00 €

  • from 31/07 to 21/08

    Exclusive: 7500.00 €

  • from 21/08 to 04/09

    Exclusive: 6500.00 €

  • from 04/09 to 02/10

    Exclusive: 4500.00 €


  • Weekly charter by catamaran
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Gas, electricity and water on board
  • Tender and outboard (to be used with the crew)
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • SUP
  • Kasko insurance

Not included

  • Transfer to and from the boarding place
  • Skipper and sailor: 230 € per day
  • Fuel
  • Galley
  • Port costs
  • Entrance to La Maddalena Marine Protected Area: 80€
  • Final cleaning: 200 €
  • Yoga teacher for Yoga and Sailing weeks: 180€ per day

What to bring

See VADEMECUM on Further Info. In summary:

  • Change of clothes for the duration of the weekly charter
  • Beauty case with the necessary
  • Medicinal products
  • Beachwear
  • Tarp
  • Headgear
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
Useful details
Difficulty : Suitable for everyone
When : From June to October
Minimum age : 14
Max People : 7
Languages : Italian | English | French | Spanish
Meeting Time : 5:00 pm
Lenght (days) : 7
Pets : Not allowed
Meeting Point
Parcheggio gratuito, 07026 Olbia, SS, Italia

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