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School trips in Sardinia

Many proposals, no stress!

School trips in Sardinia

The school trip is a fundamental and beautiful moment for students, from the smallest to the largest, who come out of the classrooms and share moments of growth, discovery and enrichment, which is not by chance defined as "responsible tourism". However, the school trip also has another side: the more complex one of the organization. solves all organizational problems, meeting the needs of individual schools and teachers.

With organizing a school trip has never been easier: according to the needs of the class, and through the experience and professionalism of the guides scattered throughout the island, you can create the desired experience and in a short time. But not only! will also take care of transport and accommodation in case you decide to opt for a multi-day trip. From its ancient history to its unique nature, Sardinia is a magical place to discover, even for those who live there all year round.

Solutions for all ages between nature, sport, history and archeology

Complete organisation: experience, travel, accommodation and transport

Possibility to customize the proposal according to the needs of the class

Nature experiences

Excursions and outdoor experiences among the wonders that the island holds. Asinara, Castelsardo, Barbagia, Supramonte or the deep south just to mention a few areas. Simple trekking with guides, off-road tours and even more sporting experiences, but always in total safety

History and culture

Un tuffo nella storia millenaria della Sardegna, divertendosi e facendo delle esperienze in prima persona: gli alunni si trasformeranno in antichi nuragici, in provetti archeologi e anche in valorosi guerrieri! Esperienze uniche tra apprendimento e sorrisi

Educational farms

Educational farms are fantastic experiences that combine nature, learning and deepening. The animals, the open spaces and the ancient works that have been handed down for generations will be the true teachers of these days

Contact us to turn the school trip into a special and unforgettable experience!