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Motorcycle rental terms and conditions

These general rental conditions form an integral part of the rental agreement.


To be able to drive a rented vehicle, the driver must hold a valid driving license for the type of vehicle rented.

The Customer must personally provide himself with a protective helmet (mandatory) or request the same, at the time of booking, and suitable clothing. Depending on the model, the vehicles are equipped with the accessories specified in the contract at the time of signing. The amount of the security deposit and / or deductible must be paid exclusively by credit card or cash and will be equal to 15/20% of the value of the vehicle.


The vehicle is entrusted to the customer with fuel, supplied with the standard and optional equipment specified in the contract, as well as with the circulation documents of which the Customer becomes the custodian for all purposes of the law. Delivery takes place at the rental station communicated at the time of booking and must be returned in the same place, unless otherwise agreed, on the date and time indicated in the rental contract. The vehicles are delivered in good storage and operating conditions, with no apparent defects. We reserve the right to terminate the contract and to regain possession of the vehicle at any time at the expense of the Customer in the event that the vehicle is used in violation of the following article 5 or the non-payment of a previous invoice for any reason. Any deposit under guarantee will be returned within thirty days following the return of the vehicle, after compensation with any debts of the Customer. It is expressly forbidden to return the vehicle at a time, date and place other than that indicated in this contract, unless previously communicated to our staff and approved by the same. There is no refund in case of early delivery of the vehicle.


At the time of booking, the customer is asked for an amount to be understood as a security deposit equal to 30-50% (depending on the service provided) of the total rental. This amount will be withheld, without the possibility for the Customer to request its return for any reason and for any reason.


The customer declares to be aware of the rules of the current highway code. In any case, the customer will receive information on the main rules, with particular reference to the legislative discipline on helmets, speed limits and the consequences deriving from their non-compliance.


In the event of loss of the vehicle, damage of any kind caused to or suffered by the vehicle, even if due to theft or unforeseeable circumstances during the rental, the Customer will pay as compensation upon request the amount corresponding to the loss. , to the damage and related costs, except as established below:

a) the Customer's responsibility for damage caused to or suffered by the vehicle is total. In the event that a fixed deductible is established to be paid by the Customer for damage caused to or suffered by the vehicle, the same can never be applied to damage caused to or suffered by wheels, tires, rear-view mirrors, suitcases and relative supports, direction indicators , windshield; such damages must always be compensated by the Customer in full and at the market price determined at the time of return of the vehicle.

b) the Client's responsibility for the theft or fire of the rented vehicle is total. In the event that a deductible is applied to this contract, the Customer's liability for theft or fire is limited to the amount equal to the fixed deductible to be paid by the Customer to the extent provided for by the rates in force. Only in the event that the Customer has adopted the measures provided for by the following art. 7, exclusively as compensation for loss of earnings, the amount equal to the security deposit will be charged. This limit to liability for damage and theft / fire is subject to its validity, to the immediate reporting of the fact by the Customer to the competent authority, to the return of the keys and vehicle documents.


The Customer will pay, or reimburse upon request for the same, the amount:

a) the time and kilometer charges calculated according to the rates indicated in the rental contract or according to the rates in force; the minimum charge is 24 hours of rental. Any fractions of a day exceeding the rental period established in this contract will result in the charge of an additional day (24 hour rate) of rental upon exceeding 59 minutes of delay; In case of non-delivery on the day established in the contract, the customer will be charged the tariffa charged for the specific vehicle, per single rental day increased by 50%; in case of violation of the last paragraph of art. 1, the time charge will be calculated as if the redelivery had taken place on the reopening date of the receiving station;

b) charges for damages, theft and fire exemption according to the conditions set out in the Insurance Cover Policy or according to the rates in force, if any;

c) any charges for compensatory penalties for damages referred to in the previous art. 4;

d) the charge for missing fuel, increased by the operating costs of the refueling service and quantified in € 20.00 (Euro twenty / 00), if the Customer does not return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that he had at the time of delivery .

e) the charge for any breakage or loss of the vehicle key;

f) the charge for loss of original documents or the vehicle license plate quantified in € 300.00 (Euro three hundred / 00);

g) the charge for extraordinary washing of the vehicle (mud, etc.), at the sole discretion of the service provider or his person in charge, quantified in € 15.00 (fifteen euros / 00);

h) the charge for failure to return the vehicle at the departure station, according to the rates in force at the time of signing the rental contract, unless specified in the flat rate of Euro 100 (one hundred / 00).

i) any taxes applicable to the rental agreement or the amount of such taxes charged by way of reimbursement of the same;

l) costs incurred for the delayed payment of the sums due. The Customer will also be required to pay an interest sum corresponding to the ECB rate increased by 8 percentage points, calculated on a daily basis, within the limits of the provisions of Law 108/96. The customer will also be required, again for credit recovery, to pay all legal and extrajudicial costs incurred for the recovery of the amount due.

m) any fines, penalties, court fees or other fees imposed by law, and the related operating costs of credit recovery, deriving from the use of the vehicle during the duration of the rental. The Client, or any other person, will not be relieved of direct responsibility towards any Authority for their illegal conduct.


The Customer accepts that the charges for the rental and any ancillary costs referred to above are made to his current account using the credit card referred to in this contract.


Within the limits established by law, the Service Provider cannot be held responsible, and indeed the customer renounces for himself and for his heirs or assignees to advance any, any and all claims against him, for any damage suffered by the Customer. or from third parties deriving from the use of the vehicle or for loss or damage to property owned by the Customer left in the vehicle or for damage or inconvenience resulting from delay in delivery, breakdowns or any other cause beyond the control of the Service Provider .


The customer must keep and use the vehicle with due diligence and in particular must not allow the vehicle to be used:

a) for the transport of people and / or things for commercial purposes.

b) to push or tow vehicles, trailers or other things.

c) in races, trials, competitions, off-road routes.

d) by the Customer or the Driver under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that impair the knowledge or the ability to act and / or react;

e) in violation of any customs, traffic or other regulations;

f) driven by a person other than the Customer unless this person has been previously indicated in the rental agreement and authorized by the Service Provider;

g) outside the National Territory without prior authorization. The Customer's responsibility for the theft, fire and / or vandalism of the rented vehicle is total if these occur outside the same and the limitation of liability will not be taken into account, to the limit of the amount of the deductible, established in the PREMISE. . In these cases, the Customer will therefore be required to pay the full market value of the leased asset that the Customer declares to know and accept. The Customer will be held responsible for the full payment of all present and future charges and expenses arising from the three cases mentioned above, as well as for the resulting damage and loss of profit.

h) The application and / or mounting on the vehicle of accessories and / or equipment not supplied or authorized by the Service Provider is prohibited.

i) It is strictly forbidden to rent to third parties under any asi form.

l) It is forbidden to use the vehicle in private areas without prior authorization, in protected areas, beaches and / or any other place where the vehicle may be subject to seizure by the competent authorities. The user is responsible for obtaining all the information issued by the competent local authorities on the areas in which it is possible to circulate without incurring penalties and / or seizures. The Customer will be charged the sums for recovery, fines, penalties, court fees or other, imposed on the Service Provider by law and the related legal costs as well as the loss of earnings quantified by applying the daily rates increased by 30% to the actual days of rest. administrative of the vehicle.

m) The Customer is required to use all the anti-theft devices with which the vehicle is equipped whenever it is parked and abandoned, even if in closed places and guarded areas at any time of day or night. The Customer certifies that at the time of delivery he was provided with a disc or chain lock and undertakes, under his own responsibility, to use it in all the cases set out in the previous paragraph.


The Customer will receive a photocopy of the insurance contract and therefore the Customer declares to know, accept and undertake to comply with the conditions set out in the insurance policy. The Service Provider provides insurance coverage for people who use the vehicle exclusively with express consent (other hypotheses are to be considered excluded).


Any claim must be reported within 12 hours; if necessary, the Customer must immediately submit a complaint to the competent Authority and send a copy to the Service Provider no later than 24 hours after the complaint. The Customer must not recognize his responsibility and must obtain data relating to witnesses and other vehicles involved, if and as far as possible. The Client agrees to cooperate with the Service Provider and the respective insurance company in any investigation or legal proceeding. In the event of an accident due to the Client's gross negligence, the vehicle will be withdrawn and will not be replaced. Notwithstanding the provisions of art. 1) the security deposit paid will also be retained pending quantifying the damages and related responsibilities, if necessary, for a period exceeding 30 days. If the police bodies in charge in their surveys certify that the accident is consequent or caused by the Customer, by virtue of the failure to comply with the rules of the highway code, the same will be held responsible in full and the Service Provider may charge all costs present. and future for the repair of the vehicle, within the maximum limit of its market value, charges and expenses of any nature generated by the accident in question as well as the loss of earnings for the stop of the vehicle calculated by multiplying the daily rates increased by 30% to the actual days in which the vehicle was stopped for the necessary repairs to make it suitable for rental again.


In the event of breakdowns and damage to the vehicle, the Customer is required to report the incident with all possible promptness. In this regard, the Customer will not have to make any decisions unless with the precise and express authorization of the Service Provider. Abandoning the vehicle and / or going outside the national territory, without the required authorization, entails the loss of any possibility of using the vehicle recovery service and the Customer will be required to reimburse all direct and indirect charges relating to to the recovery of the vehicle. The Customer is not entitled to reimbursement of vehicle repair costs unless previously authorized by the Service Provider. In the event of punctures and / or damage to the tires, the Customer is required to replace the damaged tires at his expense. The return of the vehicle with repaired tires is not allowed.


At its sole discretion, the Service Provider or its delegated staff may offer the Customer the possibility of reducing the amount of the excess upon payment of an additional daily fee, multiplied by the actual rental days, as established at the time of vehicle delivery.


Anyone who signs this rental agreement in the name and on behalf of another person and / or company will be jointly and severally liable with their representative for the obligations undertaken towards the Service Provider.


The text in Italian will prevail in case of conflict with the text translated into other languages, as it is assumed that it expresses the exact will of the parties.


For anything not covered by this agreement, the rules of current law.


The Italian law will be applicable to this agreement with the enforceability of the recognized forum.


In case of disagreement on the interpretation and execution of this agreement, the competent court will be the Court of Sassari, expressly renouncing as of now the parties to the jurisdiction of any other venue.


I authorize the processing, in the broadest sense of Legislative Decree 196/03, of my personal data during the relationship referred to in this contract