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Your holiday in Sardinia

What to do, how to arrive, how to get around

What to do in Sardinia

Do you want to live a fantastic holiday in Sardinia? Do you want to immerse yourself in the nature and history of the island taking part in unique experiences and excursions?

Then you just have to prepare your luggage and choose your best itinerary by discovering in this section what are the ports, and the airports to get to Sardinia, what you can do, how to move around the island and where to sleep.

Sardinia is an extraordinary island located right in the middle of the Mediterranean and surrounded by a fabulous sea, envied worldwide. But not only sea, because in Sardinia you can be the protagonist of unforgettable activities to discover the traditions, history and archeology, as well as the nature of the hinterland that varies from area to area. You can find everything on our portal Escursì, so you just have to get to our island in the month you prefer, because Sardinia is beautiful all year round and not only in summer! To reach it, there are two possibilities: by ship or by plane.

The plane is certainly the fastest way, while the ship is the most evocative or more practical if you want to start with your own vehicle. In case you travel without a car, with Escursì you can rent a car with delivery in the main ports and airports!

How to arrive in Sardinia by boat

Let’s start by describing the possibilities of arrival in Sardinia with ships and ferries. The duration of the crossing, which can start from the Italian peninsula or from the European coasts that surround the Mediterranean, varies depending on the route and can be from 5 hours for the fastest up to more than 10 hours. As for the ports, Sardinia boasts 11 medium and large, the main ones to disembark in the region are in Cagliari, Olbia, Porto Torres, Arbatax and Golfo Aranci.

The main routes are: Olbia, located in the north-northern part of the island, and connected with the ports of Civitavecchia, Livorno, Genoa, Piombino and Naples. The port is just a few minutes drive from the town, and in this area you are immediately close to extraordinary natural destinations and famous places such as the Costa Smeralda and the Archipelago of La Maddalena.

Also in the north-east of Sardinia, there is Golfo Aranci, with its connections to Civitavecchia, Fiumicino, Piombino and Livorno. Here, too, you will immediately find yourself immersed in a fabulous coastline, to explore.

And still north of the region, but on the west side, we find Porto Torres. Reachable from Genoa, with the port right inside the charming town that is a tourist destination overlooking the sea and Asinara Island, but also a strategic place, close to Sassari (the second city in the region) to reach other famous destinations such as Alghero, Stintino and Castelsardo.

To the south-east, there is Arbatax that can be reached by ferries from Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Genoa and from here you will have access to the entire east-southeast of Sardinia, among the wildest of the island.

Finally there is the port of the capital of Cagliari that will take you straight into the heart of the city and has routes from Civitavecchia, Naples, Palermo and Trapani. Cagliari is a wonderful city, fascinating and rich in experiences to live and beauty, naturalistic and historical, to admire.

How to arrive in Sardinia by plane

The plane is the fastest way, especially if you want to stay a few days or just want to give yourself a weekend in the island. Several airlines offer numerous daily flights to Sardinia from the main Italian airports: with just over an hour flight from Italian airports, or more hours that vary depending on the foreign departure destination, you can reach the airports of Alghero, of Cagliari, or of Olbia. There are now many cheap flights thanks to low cost airlines or there are flights of the national company, which have more daily routes.

Landing in Alghero, the town is about 10 minutes by car, while the largest city nearby is Sassari, half an hour away by road. Alghero deserves a whole holiday dedicated, but for those who love to move, there are many extraordinary places available nearby: Stintino, Asinara Island, Porto Torres, and even the Argentiera or the more distant Bosa, reachable along a coastal road that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Stopping in Olbia, we are located in the north on the east side of the island. Magnificent sunrises to admire and many experiences to live in the places rich in history and charm that populate this area. In addition to the most famous destinations such as the Archipelago of La Maddalena and the Costa Smeralda, there are Costa Paradiso, the Island of Tavolara and Molara, and in the inner areas is definitely worth a visit also Tempio.

Finally, if you arrive in Cagliari, you will find the city just a few minutes faraway and with one of the stops of the main Sardinian railway line right near the airport. Cagliari is an ancient city but that gives off vitality! For those who prefer to be itinerant, there is plenty of choice: in the south-west the most popular destinations are those of Chia, Carloforte Island and Sant'Antioco. Heading north, there are then the wild Buggerru and Masua, in the Iglesiente, where there are evidence of the mining era. On the eastern side you will find Villasimius, Costa Rei and, going up the island, Ogliastra and the Gulf of Orosei.

How to get around Sardinia

On this page we tried to help you understand how to reach the island and what to visit within the region, however, as you will imagine, this is just a taste (also because the rest of our site is entirely dedicated to the experiences and excursions to be experienced on the island!). With about two and a half hours of travel by car, you can cross Sardinia from one opposite to the other; the island is crossed by its main road, the 131, which connects the two poles of Cagliari and Sassari and then has its branches in other main destinations. The car, in Sardinia, is often a necessary means, although it is a popular destination for lovers of bike tours such as motorcycles and bikes (the latter especially in the milder months). While transfers by bus or train are unfortunately very often an uncomfortable solution because of the poor connections, especially in some important tourist destinations, which are really difficult to reach, both on the coast and especially inside. But don’t worry, we have transfer services all over the island that will solve your travel problems.

We solve all your problems according to your needs, and you just have to enjoy our island living the dream experiences!

Where to sleep in Sardinia

Do you prefer Resorts, Classic Hotels, B&Bs or more special places? Even sleeping in Sardinia can turn into an experience and in this case we have many solutions according to your needs. On our site, you will find special stays: you can sleep lulled by the waves by boat and you can admire the unforgettable games of light that the sun does on the water during sunset... not to mention the starry sky above the sea! If you prefer the mountains, there is the possibility to sleep in the ancient shepherds' huts or in tents, in total contact with nature, immersed in a magical atmosphere.

If you are looking for a more comfortable solution, you can find many apartments scattered around the island by clicking HERE

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